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Has your car broken down on the highway? Trust the experienced roadside technicians at Hawk Towing Alhambra to lend a hand. We’ll have an emergency tow truck present within 30 minutes flat. Accidents happen every few seconds on the road. Driving becomes a dangerous challenge when the roads are wet and slippery. Your vehicle can easily skid and veer off road in an instant. Hawk Towing understands the meaning of reliability.

Alhambra Towing Experts

Emergency Towing

Emergency Towing

You have plenty of things on your mind in the event of a roadside collision. Leave the emergency towing to the pros at Hawk Towing. We’ve assembled a phenomenal roadside crew team that is available 24 hours to assist. Whether you’ve been in a minor fender bender or a more serious collision, you can be sure we’ve got your back. We’re always there for you, no matter how difficult the emergency situation might be. You receive the best quality towing and roadside assistance 24/7 with us!

If you’re looking to tow your vehicle a few hundred miles or more, we can provide you with a durable long distance haul. Unlike traditional towing companies, we don’t use an ordinary tow dolly to transport a vehicle. We use top notch quality flatbed trucks to safely accommodate your vehicle throughout the duration of the trip. What’s even more convenient about Hawk Towing is the fact we work with all national roadside insurance providers.

You certainly won’t be able to reach anyone in the insurance office after business hours, which is the reason we offer a direct billing approach. You might be eligible to receive a discount per mile traveled, which will certainly come in handy during a long distance towing trip. Our friendly customer care representatives will gladly work out the insurance claims details by phone. Our aim is to make your life as easy and convenient as possible. We’ll also give you an ideal quote by phone that you will be able to present to our trusted drivers upon arrival.

Hawk Towing Alhambra offers a complete list of towing services which includes; long distance towing, flatbed towing, heavy duty towing, emergency towing, medium duty towing, luxury vehicle towing, local distance towing and 24/7 auto locksmith services. Are you having trouble accessing your vehicle via chip key? We work in connection with a well-reputable auto locksmith team that remains on duty 24/7.

Larger vehicles that need specialized towing, such as small buses or tractors, utilize our heavy duty tow truck services. Our heavy duty trucks tackle a great deal of weight, easily accommodating several tons. It takes the patience and skill of an experienced roadside technician to carefully lift the truck or bus onto our enormous ramps. The main concern during any towing scenario is always safety. Our drives are fully certified roadside specialists with years of experience in the trade. You’re always getting first class services with Hawk Towing!

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At Hawk Towing Alhambra, we take our jobs very seriously. We put a great deal of effort into each roadside assistance and towing situation. Cars break down on the highway everyday, and it’s our responsibility to guide them to safety. We can have your vehicle safely towed to a five-star garage in town. You won’t have to check your watch every couple of minutes, since we maintain an arrival timing of approximately 30 minutes.

Hiring a professional towing and roadside assistance company is made simple with Hawk Towing. All you have to do is give us a date and time for a long distance trip or give us a location for an emergency towing. Our roadside specialists cover a lot of ground, and we continually look to expand the team to accommodate more requests. Hawk Towing has you fully covered for all roadside emergency assistance and towing. Just pick up the phone 24/7 and reach out to the pros at Hawk for results!