Auto Towing Services

Expert Los Angeles Car Towing Any Time, Any Day!

Looking to tow vehicles in or around Los Angeles? With well maintained flatbed tow trucks, tow dollies, and a staff of highly trained and certified drivers, you can rely on Hawk Towing Los Angeles for your auto tow needs. In particular, you can turn towards our towing experts if you are interested in towing cars and/or trucks. Hawk Towing Los Angeles can handle light duty to heavy duty towing.

Call us any time, day or night, for a free quote. Call (213) 232-1376, and a licensed and certified driver can arrive within 30 minutes!

Whether you need emergency towing or looking to tow vehicles for junkyard removal, Hawk Towing Los Angeles strive to provide reliable and safe towing – at affordable prices!

Towing services and equipment include the following:


One single tow truck does not work for all towing situations. There are many factors that weight into how a vehicle should be properly towed. Is your call all wheel drive? Front wheel drive? Rear wheel drive? A professional towing company, such as Hawk Towing Los Angeles, will ask you important questions before sending out a tow truck and driver. As a result, you can rest assured that you are dealing with safe, reliable, and knowledgeable tow truck operators.

What else makes Hawk Towing Los Angeles stand out? Long distance towing is not a service you can expect to find everywhere. Not all towing companies will agree to long distance towing as it can be more time consuming. While it is always recommended to tow locally when possible to save money, our operators are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers.

In addition to towing services, our drivers are trained and provide to handle roadside assistance care. When possible, the drivers will attempt to solve any roadside trouble before hooking the vehicle to the flatbed truck or tow dolly. For a full list of our services (including roadside assistance and car locksmith offerings), visit our “Towing Services” page.

Our drivers are some of the most skilled and knowledgeable technicians in the towing industry. They remain up to date on the latest technologies, towing equipment and keep current with auto towing and locksmith industry news. Our flatbed tow trucks and tow dollies are well maintained so our customers receive the highest level of towing care.

Call Hawk Towing for reliable auto towing and roadside assistance. Our technicians are available throughout Los Angeles so they can arrive at your location within 30 minutes of your call. (213) 232-1376!