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Are you looking to transport a large truck or minibus across Los Angeles ? You can count on Hawk Towing to deliver premium quality results! We are the most experienced heavy duty towing Los Angeles company in town. Our heavy duty towing service is ideal for mobile homes, semi-tractor trailers, minibuses and various model trucks. Ordinary tow trucks cannot support the weight of an RV. You’ll need a state-of-the-art heavy duty tow truck that can accommodate several tons without any problems. Our heavy duty trucks can withstand a lot of weight, not to mention harsh road conditions. Hawk Towing is available 24 hours a day, anywhere within the Los Angeles vicinity. What’s even more efficient is our rapid arrival, which takes no longer than 30 minutes. We follow strict company safety guidelines when attaching the larger sized vehicle to our powerful trucks. You know you’re getting first class services with Hawk Towing!

Heavy duty towing is ideal for larger trucks that have either tipped over on the road or have been in serious accidents. It takes plenty of power to budge the fallen truck due to the enormous weight overload. We’re not only responsible for heavy duty towing services, we’re also solely responsible for 24/7 emergency accident removal services. Accidents are bad enough, but they become much worse when there is a fallen truck blocking the road. We safely move the larger vehicle off the road to prevent any potential accidents. We’re the most well respected heavy duty towing Los Angeles company around, and for good reason too. Los Angeles residents know they can depend on us day and night for high quality heavy duty towing services. We’re not only limited to heavy duty towing. Hawk Towing offers a long list of towing services that includes; heavy duty towing, flatbed towing, emergency towing, luxury vehicle towing, long distance towing, motorcycle towing, accident removal services & cleanup and 24/7 auto locksmith.

You don’t have to foot the entire bill out of pocket either. You might be eligible to receive a discount or more from your roadside insurance carrier. Make sure you check with your local insurance provider for roadside coverage details. We are extremely cost efficient as well. We’ll give you a free estimation by phone in which you can present to our trusted roadside technician upon arrival. We determine final pricing according to the amount of miles traveled and labor charges. We have a fleet of trucks carefully spread throughout Los Angeles, since it’s one of the busiest cities in the states. We’ll send several roadside specialists to assist with the pickup and delivery, since they are moving a very large load. We have a patented method of handling heavy duty vehicles. Whether you’re RV needs to be towed from a camping trip or your commercial truck broke down on the busy highways, we’ll be there for you! When you think heavy duty towing Los Angeles, only one name stands out among the rest and that name is Hawk Towing!

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Transporting a mobile home or semi tractor trailer is no easy task. It takes the skill, patience and experience of an amazing roadside crew to make things happen. We’ve very blessed to have the best and most qualified roadside specialists on our side. Hawk Towing literally goes the distance when it comes to quality and reliability. Heavy duty towing is just one of many towing services we specialize in. You’ll have the pleasure of speaking with the friendliest customer care agents in Los Angeles. They’ll make sure you receive five star treatment and present a very reasonable quote beforehand. Our talented roadside technicians can change a heavy duty truck tire or jump start a dead battery without hesitation. Hawk Towing is here for you 24/7. Give us a call today and find out why we’re the heavy duty towing Los Angeles company people brag about!