How to Avoid Car Lockout Situations

Ever been locked out of your car? If you have, you’ll know that life can get pretty rough, pretty quick. Without your car you’re not able to get to work or school, you’re unable to pick the kids up, you’re unable to make it to the grocery shop. In short, there’s not much you can do without a car, especially in Los Angeles. At Hawk Towing we realize that avoiding a car lockout situation is vital, so we want to give you a helping hand.

Here then are four ways you can avoid getting locked out of your vehicle.

Behavioral changes

The best way to prevent a vehicle lockout is to condition yourself not to forget your car keys in the first place. The “wallet, phone, keys” mantra is as good as any for this. Before you leave your house, the office, or anywhere else, ask yourself: “Wallet, phone, keys. Wallet, phone, keys.” Get in the habit of doing this and you won’t be forgetting your keys anytime soon.

Additionally, try to ensure that you keep your car keys in the same place. If you get into the habit of leaving your keys in a bowl in the kitchen or in the top drawer of your desk at work, you’re less likely to lose them. That means you’re less likely to waste time trying to find them too.

Keep keys secure in transit

It’s easy to lose keys in transit, so adopting methods to keep them secure is vital. Some people attach their keys to a karabiner on their belt or a lanyard they wear around their neck. Others have a special pocket in their purse, briefcase or bag. All of these options are excellent.

Even if you choose the above methods, it’s still possible that your keys may get dropped. To alert you to this, add a heavy keychain or some kind of bell that will make a noise when the keys hit the floor. Hopefully this will give you the alert you need.

Keep a spare handy

Any precaution you take not to lose your keys is great, but there will always be a slim chance that these may go missing. It’s vital then to keep a spare set of keys somewhere safe. That “safe place” will depend on your own circumstances, but many people elect a reliable family member, friend or colleague to leave their keys with. Alternatively, a safe place at home or the office is perfectly fine.

Check electronic keys regularly

Vehicle lockouts aren’t just caused by losing your car keys. A malfunctioning key can also prevent you from gaining access to your ride. If you use a transponder key, chip key or electronic key, you should regularly check them for functionality. At the first sign of error – normally when the key is sluggish in responding – you should have the key examined by a professional and establish whether it needs repairing or replacing.

Hopefully, by keeping these points in mind, you’ll never find yourself locked out of your vehicle and can carry on your day-to-day life unimpeded.

If, despite your best efforts to avoid a lockout situation, you find yourself locked out of your vehicle, Hawk Towing is here to help. We provide 24-hour vehicle lockout assistance throughout Los Angeles and the surrounding region. Contact us 24/7 on: (213) 787-4555