Hawk Towing – Los Angeles’s Top Wrecker Towing Service

Like so many other things in life, you don’t truly and completely appreciate something until it starts to act up. That’s precisely the case with vehicles. They’re great as long as they get us from point A to point B, but when all of a sudden point B seems a million miles away, things stop being so peachy. Now imagine that same feeling, only when dealing with a bus, a truck, or a motor home.

Heavy duty towing

As common as they are, cars and vehicles get stuck or incapacitated all the time. When we’re talking about cars, it’s not a big deal. You just attach them to a wheels-lift tow truck, for example, and tow them away. This task can be performed by anyone. However, when dealing with larger and heavier vehicles, ordinary towing equipment just won’t cut it. Those trying to tow such vehicles with ordinary towing equipment will get nowhere at best, or cause greater damage to the towed truck and to their own truck, at worst. That’s precisely the reason heavy duty towing means, such as wrecker towing, have been invented.

When heavy duty tow trucks, or wrecker tow trucks, should be used?

When dealing with regular private cars or motorcycles, there is no need to bring in the heavy guns. Any tow truck will do. However, when dealing with larger, heavier, and more complex vehicles to tow, heavy duty towing equipment should be used. Trained and certified technicians that have been specifically trained to use such gear will be able to successfully complete the job while avoiding further damage to the towed vehicle. Such technicians, much like those at Hawk Towing, will be able to offer you the professional service the situation requires.

The advantages of wrecker towing

When properly executed by certified and experienced technicians, wrecker towing embodies a couple of advantages:

Variety of towable vehicles: wrecker tow trucks can handle practically any vehicle and are not limited to specific types of vehicles.

Large and heavy vehicles: wrecker tow trucks can handle with ease exceptionally large and heavy vehicles, unlike regular towing techniques.

Safety: such formidable tow trucks offer complete safety to the towed vehicle and a smooth and peaceful ride, avoiding any further damage to the towed vehicle that can be caused by lesser road conditions.

Hawk Towing – additional services to Los Angeles motorists

Apart from wrecker towing our leading technicians will be more than happy to provide you with extensive roadside emergency services:

  • Local & long distance towing
  • Dolly, flatbed, and motorcycle towing
  • Recovery services
  • Flat tires changing
  • Car lockouts & out of gas
  • Car battery jump starts & replacements
  • And much more