Client Testimonials

Hawk Towing Los Angeles Upholds High Standard of Customer Service

Thomas Chung 5/10/2010: I had just landed at LAX and went to pick up my car in the garage when I realized my car simply wasn’t starting. Apparently, I left the lights on and over the course of the 2 days, the battery died. There was nobody around to help, surprisingly. I called my wife who was able to look up a towing company. A technician from Hawk Towing came by after just 20 minutes, gave me a jump start, and waiting with me until the car was ready to go. Thank you for making a stressful situation a lot less stressful!

Jennifer Kramer 10/23/2009: I got a flat tire on my way to picking up my son from school. Hawk Towing really came through by arriving super fast and changing my tires even faster! Thanks!

Laura Kovener 6/1/2009: After a slight fender bender, my car just wasn’t starting, so I called Hawk Towing and they sent someone over right away. Instead of just towing me right away, he checked out my car to see if he could provide assistance on the spot. Unfortunately, it was an electronic problem outside of his area of expertise. However, he was able to take me to a great mechanic and gave me a discount for the time he spent inspecting my car!

Joe Vigoda 11/10/2008: The guy who owns Hawk Towing Los Angeles, is really a great guy,  fair and understands the importance of his work to people who are in emergencies. I have the number saved in my phone if I ever run into a roadside emergency again.