El Monte Towing

The Most Relied Upon Towing El Monte Company

Hawk Towing El Monte provides you with full roadside coverage through any type of emergency towing situation. If you’re having problems turning the ignition key, the chances are that you have a dead battery. Hawk Towing can replace the dead battery or provide you with an emergency towing to get your vehicle to a nearby service station for in depth maintenance. We work 24/7, which makes contacting us a breeze.

You no longer have to fumble through pages of local listings to find a trustworthy towing company. Hawk Towing eliminates the headache and sheer frustration of searching for hours when you need a professional towing done right! Our trucks were built and designed to handle almost any type of vehicle. Whether you drive a simple sedan, SUV or semi-tractor trailer, we always have room atop our powerful flatbed trucks. One crucial element of roadside assistance or towing is timing. We’ll be by your side in 30 minutes to help!

Do you need a motorcycle towed? If you’re a proud owner of a Harley Davidson, you know that your bike means everything. Keeping the bike well preserved is what we specialize at. Our flatbed trucks offer a comfort level for your bike that you simply won’t find anywhere else. No wobbly old piece of plywood will do when you’re dealing with a motorcycle. We also never use chains to secure a bike, since they can cause damage to the chrome and bumper.

We use secure nylon straps to firmly hold the bike in place. Nylon straps are looped through the corners of the truck, so that your bike never moves during the journey. You should never let an amateur company lay a finger on your beloved bike. Motorcycles must be handled with extra care, and we give your bike 100% attention at all times. We pay close attention to the road signs and speed limits, so your bike never moves an inch during the trip.

Hawk Towing El Monte towing services includes; motorcycle towing, luxury vehicle towing, emergency towing, flatbed towing, long distance towing, heavy duty towing and 24/7 roadside assistance. Are you running a little low on fuel? We can send a truck right away to provide you with emergency out of gas refueling services. Likewise, if you’re having trouble unlocking the car doors from a distance, we can provide you with an exceptional auto locksmith 24/7.

You’ll find our customer care staff to be incredibly friendly and very helpful. They will jot down all the required details before sending a roadside technician to assist. Just give us an address and a date if you require same day pickup and delivery for all flatbed towing services. We’ll arrange a convenient time that suits your schedule, so you never have to miss work or school. It’s no wonder we were voted the friendliest towing company in California!

You’ve Chosen the Best El Monte Towing Company Around!

Finding a reliable and trustworthy towing company has never been so easy before! The mission of Hawk Towing is to give maximum customer satisfaction, which is the reason we continually receive referrals. We work with all major roadside insurance companies, from AllState to Travelers and beyond. You’ll find our direct billing approach to be quick and easy. Our prices are very affordable and we always quote you in advance to avoid confusion at the scene.

It’s our pleasure to assist with the claims process, so please feel free to ask. We’re constantly learning new advancements in towing technology to offer the best quality services round the clock. We can be reached by phone 24 hours a day as well. Get in touch with us for a free estimation and preferred timetable for pickup and delivery.