New Technology in Towing

Here in the Los Angeles area, there are so many drivers that tow truck drivers and auto locksmiths are always in high demand. There’s so much work to be done when there are so many cars on the road. Towing has been around for a long while now, and just as technology has grown for other fields, technology in towing has grown dramatically over the years. There are pieces of towing equipment and towing accessories available now that were completely unheard of not long ago. No matter what kind of tow truck you drive, you’re going to need good quality equipment to make the job easier for you. Here are some of the pieces of equipment that technology in towing has come up with lately.

Typical Products

Of course, most of these developments are in the typical towing pieces. You’ll always need hitch balls, ball mounts, couplers, tie downs, straps, chains, rigging, lights, and the like. Vulcan, Ancra, Durabilt, Whelen, Sound Off Signal, Star, Federal Signal, and more are creating new products to help tow truck drivers like you be able to do the job more quickly and efficiently.

Wireless Lighting Monitor

Lighting is important because as you well know, there are all kinds of lights that are on the trailer and if any one of them is malfunctioning, you could have a problem. To make your life easier, there’s the Smart Trailer Wireless Lighting Monitor. This new device instantly detects if any of the lights on the trailer are malfunctioning and lets you know so that you don’t have to be staring at that particular light to notice it. This is particularly handy once you’ve got everything set up so that you don’t have to check every part; you can just check one location. It’s also incredibly useful for when you’re already on the road because you’ll know instantly if there’s a sudden problem that you need to pull over to fix.

Cargo Door Lock

You can protect what’s in the cargo trailer by installing a new Valley Cargo Door Lock. It’s made out of aircraft aluminum and includes lock and key mechanism that will make things much easier on you as it protects your tools and cargo.

Adjustable Ball Mount

Valley came out with an adjustable ball mount recently. It allows you to keep the trailer level no matter what is in it. Essentially, this device is like a jack that raises or lowers the height of the trailer ball. It’ll certainly make your life much easier as a tow truck driver to acquire one of these.

Weight Distribution System

These are particularly useful for heavier loads. If you’re towing heavy duty, consider acquiring a weight distribution system complete with hitch head, spring bars, and shank. It’ll redistribute the weight across the axles of the trailer and tow vehicle to make them more stable. Thus, driving will be easier and much safer because you’ll have more control over braking and steering.